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The Latest On Darfur

US gives Sudan Darfur 'ultimatum'
The US has said it expects Sudan to prove its commitment to allowing a strengthened UN peacekeeping force into Darfur within a matter of weeks.

The conflict in Darfur has displaced more than 2.4 million people

US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said time was running out for Sudan to allow the international peace keeping force in. Recent talks with Sudan's president were not encouraging, he said. US President George W Bush has already outlined possible sanctions if Sudan's president does not keep his promise. Mr Negroponte has accused Sudan's President Bashir of continuing to place obstacles in the way. He also said that the Sudanese government had failed to disarm the Arab militia it has been supporting for more than four years.

The US has in effect now issued an ultimatum to Sudan to take steps to end the violence or face further unilateral and international sanctions. However, speaking to reporters in Washington following his visit to Sudan, Mr Negroponte appeared sceptical as to whether President Bashir would comply. "My sense is always that these agreements tend to be grudging and they tend to leave a lot of questions open as to whether they will follow through with implementation," he said. The Bush administration has agreed to give the UN Secretary General a short period of time to persuade Sudan to co-operate before pressing ahead with further sanctions. There is no specific deadline but US officials say they will only hold off for a matter of weeks.

In the time since President Bush declared the situation in Darfur a genocide, hundreds of thousands have been raped, beaten, and murdered. Scores maimed for like after horrific attacks by machete wielding Janjaweed fighters. Following the partial signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) on May 5, 2006, the violence in Darfur has actually increased, and has remained at least steady since. I suppose I should find some reason to believe we're helping in knowing that at least SOMETHING more is happening at our behest, even if it is just a flexed muscle, but I'm so angry about all of those that were massacred so senselessly - preventably - who will never see justice. Add to this the fact that this is years overdue, and still - nothing is really happening. They'll all be fertilizer before too long, and by the time something actually starts working in favor of the Darfuri people, I'm afraid it will be too late.

This is the same anger I have whenever I hear someone vomiting GOP talking points the likes of "We're fighting them over there so we don't have to do it here". I hear that and my teeth jump out of my mouth, promptly turn around, and eat my brain. Because we SHOULD be fighting "them" here, actually. How different would things be for those same sheep if every day HERE were 9/11 all over again? But why should it have to happen in our own backyards for us to give a fuck, that is what I want to know. That, and what 'winning the war on terrorism' actually means.

If you get upset about the holocaust and not about what is happening in Darfur as I type this, something is wrong with you. I cannot be the only one raising my voice on this issue, PLEASE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, get involved. I'll even make it easy for you. Go to the website, download the Policy Talking Points Word document, read it, and take action. You can do it by sitting wherever you are right now and writing email inquiries for those who are in a position to make these things happen. Take action.

See this post, which you can link to.

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