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Well Well Well...

My new journal layout for my Friends page is going to be up and running later today, once I get teh final 2 bugs worked out. I'm digging the hell out of this one, I'll post a link to it once it's viewable.

All of you cross your fingers, toes, and eyes for Damien's new endeavors, and send him good, positive energy. As far as what it's for, it doesn't matter - he's trying to do some things without hexing them by talking about them too much and if it happens you'll all know in due time. Besides, you know he would do it for you.

My friend missingyourbed just got home from his Nashville trip and came back with a completely different outlook on life. It is an amazing read, so check out his post. He's fantastic, to know John is to love him. To not know him is to be missing out. He's also got a WAY cool website called My Eyes Are Open.

I slept so well last night (finally) that I woke up in the exact same position I fell asleep in - I hadn't moved all night long! I'm going to figure out what I did and bottle it for plush, djrl, and thedigitalghost so they can get a good night's sleep as well.

Today I plan on making plush's cd's so I can mail her some music she would probably dig the hell out of based on her posts about music. She's another one who absolutely amazes me, and once that little lady truly discovers her own worth, I assure you the world will be knocked on its collective ass! I've also got to work on the new Friends layout so I can get it up and running and plan a schedule of renewing the links I've got generic buttons for.

I have links to all of my friend's journals on the new page, and some fun stuff pertaining to LiveJournal that I'm willing to bet a lot of you don't know anything about. I've also got to add to my memories page. Ah, so much to do, so much to do!

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