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Joe Scarborough on MSNBC Reverts Back To Jackassery

Why is it okay to attack God, Christians?
For years, Christian leaders have been stereotyped as hypocritical, money-hungry, snake oil salesmen more interested in cashing in than saving souls. But these days, it seems that attacking Christians has become almost as profitable as preaching to Gospel.

American media companies are raking in millions of dollars from movies, books and TV series that attack Christians and depict Jesus as a fraud. This week’s Newsweek offers a thoughtful piece on whether God even exists, but its respectful approach to a subject once thought taboo is the exception rather than the rule. It seems big media is cashing in on a growing trend to attack God, Christians, and followers of all faiths.

For Christians, most of the attacks come annually around Easter. This year, it was “Titanic” director James Cameron who filmed a special that sought to prove that Jesus was a fraud, and Christianity a hoax. Before that, it was the Judas Gospel, and before that even more piles of conspiracy theories all trying to prove that Jesus Christ was not who he said he was.

As long as we're Americans, you're goddamned right it is, JACKASS! As long as there are right-wing fundamentalist religious organizations and leaders who spew their bullshit in Jesus' name, there will always be a counterpoint. Just because it's religious, that doesn't mean it's not open for discussion, debate, mockery, scorn, or derision.

Your proverbial cow is not fucking sacred to everyone - there are many different flavors, to include light and unflavored. Knock it the fuck off before this ventures into the "Christian Persecution" bullshit and I'm forced to dip a Christian baby in Easter chocolate and eat it. Don't get me started on the Inquisition, Reformation, or Crusades, fuckers - I'll sink your goddamned ship. If that ain't enough, I got more:
Who’s The Real Evil Force?

So, if we were to look at the bible and remove the names “God” and “Satan” and replace them with “A” and “B” (respectively) then try to pinpoint which is the evil one.. which do you suppose we’d choose?

I’m always amazed how people declare God to be this perfect and good being that’s always looking out for us, considering all the people he’s slaughtered. Possibly, more importantly, how many people have killed in his name due to their ‘beliefs’ in him.

Isn’t God great?
Yeah. Wanna try to explain/justify/legitimize that one? Don't bother, it cannot be done.
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