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Insane Jane Live @ WREK

THIS is a very rare find indeed. So rare that I couldn't keep it to myself because that just didn't seem fair at all. This is a live show recorded at WREK studios in Atlanta, the student owned and operated Georgia Tech radio station. Insane Jane was my friend Yellow's band. These files were made from a really old cassette tape, so the quality is not 100% - but that makes it more interesting to me being that it is a live recording and anything goes in a live show no matter how hard you try to get the sound just right. Two of the songs are cut in different places ("Fire" and "Prayer"), otherwise they are all intact. The medley at the end is fucking phenomenal, and I cannot be more thrilled to have "Jackie Cries", "Whiskey-A-Go-Go", & "Hermaphrodite Life" as they were never authentic studio recordings, only ever played at the live shows. I adored this band, they rocked so hard.
insane jane - live At WREK atlanta, 91.1 fm
November 29, 1988

01. Jackie Cries
02. The Hitman
03. I Choose
04. Father Time
05. Empress of Pop (Song For Sinéad)
06. Whiskey a Go Go
07. Falling
08. Fear
09. Hermaphrodite Life
10. Fire
11. Prayer
12. Medley:
  • You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)
  • Rock & Roll Nigger (Patti Smith)
  • Funtone
  • Driving
  • Kick Out the Jams (The MC5)
NOTES: Yellow (vocals); Tom Branch (guitar, vocals); Dave Roth (bass, vocals); Tim Campion (drums, vocals)

[35.9 MB]

...put out your hand, get a bullet in your back...
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