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Two more hours and I'm 31 years old...

First of all, I posted earlier in another entry reply that my birthday was the 13th - that must have been on one of my crack-induced days, because my birthday is on the 14th.


There's this really amazing song called "Lover, you Should Have Come Over" by the late Jeff Buckley that I've recently rediscovered. I liked his father Tim Buckley's music, he's the male equivalent of Joni Mitchell in a way. Jeff's music resembles his father's in a very odd way, and his voice is uncannily like his dad's. Untimely deaths, the both of them. There was so much more great music that could have come from the both of them. If you've never heard that song, I reccommend it. And from Tim Buckley, I reccommend the song "I Must Have Been Blind".

Hopefully, I can get all of my Giftmas shopping done tomorrow. That's the plan. I have my list made out for the most part, and will hopefully get it all done early. If not, then I'll finish it on Sunday when I get off work.

Jennie's coming soon {WAHOO!!} and that will be cool. She's in for some MAJOR culture shock, coming here from Los Angeles - but I think it will be a nice change of pace for her. At any rate, I certainly hope so. I know that Drew's very excited, he called me this afternoon and I could tell it in his voice.


My plan is to get up early, have coffee with Maggie and then if the weather is permitting, go for a nice long walk and breathe deeply. I'm going to the station sometime late to be with Renea, so I'll have to get a nap in the afternoon sometime. My baby's coming over when he gets off of work, and that's what I'm looking forward to the most...

The song that describes my current state of mind is not necessarily for the lyrics, even though they are fantastic - it's more to do with the music. Great song, and a must own for any true music lover.

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