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In Response To The New Book Craze/Fad Of "The Secret"

In Response To The New Book Craze/Fad "The Secret"

For anyone who is interested in being told what this is really about, I know "The Secret". "The Secret" is all powerful, all encompassing, and will completely change your life for the better. Please share with everyone you know what I am about to tell you and know that I am very excited to share what I have learned in this revelation.

Without further ado, I will now tell you "The Secret".

It's not just one thing, really, but the first part of "The Secret" is, you're a lazy fucking jackass who believes whatever you're told, that's what. You're not going to learn anything from a single self help book that tells you how to live, but you will benefit from a judicious employment of accountability, common sense, and responsibility to yourself and those you love. Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Rick Warren - they're all about making money - and Rhonda Byrne is no different. Cut the shit about how miserable and hopeless your life is, especially if you live in America. If you want to choose misery, fuck off to Darfur - that's misery. Either you do that or stop your goddamned whining.

If you don't like your life, fucking change it. Don't like your house, change it. Don't like your boyfriend, change it. Don't like your job, change it. This is not Afghanistan, people - you have all the power in the world to change your life situation by thinking positively - but that's hardly a secret as much as it is base level common sense.

Take everything to zero, accept your life as it is right at this moment, and then decide if you are content or otherwise satisfied with it. It is merely an act of will to change something, and you are either motivated enough to do it or you're not. If you want to accept mediocrity, that's perfectly fine, just fix your life to represent that at all times. Don't chase anyone else's dreams but your own, don't define a societal standard of beauty or happiness as your own, and don't measure people's strengths and short comings against one another - accept them as they are, and decide if you are compatible with that or not. Learn who the toxic people in your life are, and cut them out. I repeat, learn who the toxic people in your life are, and cut them out. No amount of wishing someone was different or more compatible with you is going to make it so, but you can accept them as they are and decide that for your own benefit they can be a part of your life or not based on actual compatibility.

The second part of the secret is that you need to either kick your own ass or have someone else kick it for you now and then. It is a very American trait to be a lazy thinker bordering on stupid and almost ridiculously ignorant. We eat too much. We don't read enough. We talk to much and speak too loudly don't listen anywhere near enough. We fill a room instead of being a small part of it, like we're ever going to be as big as that room. We think happiness is having instead of being. We put ourselves first without taking into account how it will detrimentally affect those directly linked to us. We actively make bad choices defining us as irresponsible, then have the nerve to make excuses for it. To all of this I say if you want to see change, BE change. It's not quantum physics or chaos math, and all it requires you to do is get off your lazy, insipid, consumer-driven, gossip-addicted, Kool-Aid drinking, whiny motherfucking ass and decide one thing first - you're tired of your McLife and you don't want McFries with it anymore. Commit to something better, burn down your McHouse and every McThing in it, including the McBullshit you never asked for when someone else saddled you with it but you keep lugging it around unnecessarily anyway. Let go of the shit you're never going to change, put it out by the curb, and do not look back. You'll end up doing this every day in one respect or another, because letting go is not something you do only the once. Take what is your share, own it, be accountable and responsible for it, and fucking move on to the next thing. When someone burdens you with something unnecessary like doubt, guilt, or shame, give it back to them. Tell them you don't want it, you never asked for it, and make sure you say "Here, you can have this back, I don't want it and I never did." Occasionally you'll want to follow that up with "...and fuck you for giving me that bullshit in the first place."

The third and final part of the secret is no secret at all. Here it goes: Don't lie. Tell the truth. Even if it hurts.

If you find yourself apologizing for your life, chances are that you're living a life that has nothing to do with you anymore, doesn't fit you anymore, and doesn't want you anymore. Don't kill yourself, kill the mindset that got you stuck in the first place. Decide that the person you want to be is the person you're going to be, and bury the person you don't like anymore - they're dead anyway and all they're doing is slowing you down and stinking up the joint. Handle your business, heal it up, and live a better life. All it requires is getting fed up enough that you hear loudly and clearly in your heart, mind, and soul I'm miserable in ____ situation, so FUCK ____ situation - it is not for me and it never was. I know this now, so I have no excuse to ever put myself in ____ situation only to be made miserable ever again. Don't choose misery, have some discipline. Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

There. "The Secret" is revealed. It took 5 minutes to read and I saved you $20+ bucks. Now go share with others what I just told you.
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