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Welcome To Monday 
11th-Nov-2002 06:00 am
I'm sitting here in the studio waiting on the rain to come and wash the show out, I have a fear that I'm going to lose the signal once the storm gets here - and it's due any moment now. I looked at the weather radar and it's pretty harsh looking. I am not without a back-up plan, though.

This was a very busy weekend. Saturday I totally cleaned out the computer office at home, and we threw away a lot of stuff that would have made us pack-rats had we kept it. Yesterday Damien and I finished the header on my journal layout, I'm completely stoked about the look of it. From this point I might add other links and categories, but for the most part it is all done. I learned a great deal from doing this new style, a lot of the HTML coding became more clear to me.

The rain, she's here! The thunder, she follows!

I got a little freaked out by The Sopranos last night. I had the feeling from the last two episodes that Ralphie was going to get whacked, but I had no idea that Tony was going to be the one to do it. THAT came as a surprise. I'm still wondering if he lied to Tony about burning down the stables and killing the horses, he was very ambiguous about it but alluded to it just before denying it.

I slept very well last night, I hope you all did as well. I think I have finally gotten over my cold. DAMNIT!! There goes my show... Later all!

5 minutes later...

This is going to be a fun morning, I can feel it already... ::types with clenched teeth::
11th-Nov-2002 04:29 am (UTC)
Okay, so I'm having real issues here, and since you're completly redoing your layout, I figured maybe you picked up on this little tidbit of info that's been bugging me.

Does LiveJournal not allow you to use any sort of Java with it? I've been trying to add a snow effect to my page, and I've tried two different ways so far, and neither one really does much of anything. I was wondering if maybe you know some way that I would be able to accomplish this?

Any help would be much appreciated. :)

11th-Nov-2002 04:31 am (UTC)
Apparantly I can't edit my comment either. Grrrrrrrr. Anyway, what I forgot to ask before was: Do you know how to ass a static background image to the page? As with the snow effect, I haven't been able to find ANY way to make this possible. I'll love you forever if you can help. :)

*sigh* The storms have arrived....
11th-Nov-2002 04:59 am (UTC)
Editing the comments you've made to posts, or changing the wording of your comment links? Insofar as a static BG, I'm lumping that in with the Javascript - same thing I'd imagine.
11th-Nov-2002 04:55 am (UTC)
Check This Out about Javascript and LiveJournal. I have a swank water applet over my old header, but I can't use it until or unless LJ begins supporting Javascript files.
13th-Nov-2002 09:57 am (UTC) - A thought
A thougth occured to me while I was otherwise occupied solving one of the great mysteries of the universe. What if you tried drawing an animated GIF of snow falling and setting that as your background? For example, draw an animagted gif say.. 100 pixels by 100 pixels. Have the snow streaming from top to bottom, randomly (take care to occasionally let the flakes "fall" off the left or right side, but "fall" ontot he opposite side, to make the tiling later look more seamless). Then set it as your background and it should tile. You'd probably want white on black, but you could do the image in transparency with white flakes, and then you could specify what color you want the backgroun in your page, that way you could switch it whenever you want and not redraw the animated gif.
See breblo for an example of an animated background image. It's just a thought... and just in time for the X-Mas holiday!

11th-Nov-2002 05:25 am (UTC) - A few notes on webcoding
1) While LiveJournal doesn't currently support Java or JavaScript, it's important to note that they are two completely different things. While the names are similar, it is only because JacaScript started off as an offshoot and watered down version of Java. JavaScript has since evolved into a completely seperate scripting language.
2) I'm not very familiar with the overrides that you set for the background images in LiveJournal, but with a 'normal' webpage, including the parameter (bgproperties="FIXED") (no parentheses) in the () (no parentheses) will result in only 1 copy of the image being dsplayed and the foreground or text and images in the HTML document will scroll. For example: will display a page with the fixed background. One thing to note and be cautious of when doing this is to make sure your background image is large enough to cover your targeted user's resolution. Now, being that most users use a different resolution, this may result in some very interesting (and undesireable) results. For example let's say you choose a background image that is 480 pixels tall by 600 pixels wide (the smallest screen resolution currently in use) and the users screen resolution is 600 tall by 800 wide. They're going to see the whole image, plus whitespace (or what color you specify with the BGCOLOR= parameter, also in the tag) on the bottom and right of the background image. Someone with 1040 pixels tall by 768 pixels wide will see even more whitespace, and so on. TO my knowledge there is no way to specify alignment of the background image. You might try a Google.com search using "HTML HELP" or "HTML BACKGROUND IMAGE ALIGNMENT" to see if someone has figured it out.

3) As for the snow effect, you're pretty much out of luck until LiveJournal begins supporting Java (not Javascript) applets. JavaScript will not work for this effect (or the water applet that Brad wants to use) because one of the weaknesses of JavaScript is that it cannot draw graphics. It is a scripting language designed to process data in the form of math, desicion making, forms, and function invokation. Java, on the other hand, is capable of drawing graphics and therefore would be ideal for the snow effect. However, most Server Admins are fearful of Java applets because the vast majority of them are poorly written and 'data leaks' occur causing the webpage (and the computer displaying them) to become unstable. A lot of nasty side effects tend to occur. This is why you don't see a whole lot of Java applets in use anymore.

I know that's probably WAY more than anyone ever wanted to know about it, but there it is, just the same. Hope it was helpful.

11th-Nov-2002 07:25 am (UTC) - mornin' y'all...
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