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Welcome To Monday

I'm sitting here in the studio waiting on the rain to come and wash the show out, I have a fear that I'm going to lose the signal once the storm gets here - and it's due any moment now. I looked at the weather radar and it's pretty harsh looking. I am not without a back-up plan, though.

This was a very busy weekend. Saturday I totally cleaned out the computer office at home, and we threw away a lot of stuff that would have made us pack-rats had we kept it. Yesterday Damien and I finished the header on my journal layout, I'm completely stoked about the look of it. From this point I might add other links and categories, but for the most part it is all done. I learned a great deal from doing this new style, a lot of the HTML coding became more clear to me.

The rain, she's here! The thunder, she follows!

I got a little freaked out by The Sopranos last night. I had the feeling from the last two episodes that Ralphie was going to get whacked, but I had no idea that Tony was going to be the one to do it. THAT came as a surprise. I'm still wondering if he lied to Tony about burning down the stables and killing the horses, he was very ambiguous about it but alluded to it just before denying it.

I slept very well last night, I hope you all did as well. I think I have finally gotten over my cold. DAMNIT!! There goes my show... Later all!

5 minutes later...

This is going to be a fun morning, I can feel it already... ::types with clenched teeth::

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