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New Task...

I'm currently rewriting my journal layout. It might take me a while, but I'm bound and determined to get it done by Sunday evening. I'm not feeling 100% still, and though I am feeling considerably better since this whole cold/sore throat/sinus thing started I'm not performing at the level I am accustomed to energywise.

Damien is still very sick, I'm hoping that another day of R&R at home will help. Knowing him he'll try to go to work though. ::grimaces::

So. I'm off for a bit to work on this new journal style and rewrite. Chances are if I'm online at all this weekend it'll just be to check email and work on the coding with my friend Beth on Trilian - so if you guys would do me a favor and don't IM me for the next couple of days unless it's something terribly important that you have to tell me - that way I can actually get this done. Nuttin' but love, y'know what I'm sayin'? I just gots ta take care of bidnezz, yo!
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