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Hang on, people - just hang on a bit longer for me - for yourselves.

Stop & read this RIGHT NOW - you have 3 minutes, just do it.

I was just talking to another dear friend (bringing this to a total of about 5) who feels defeated and sad and burdened with all sorts of things, and it is really beginning to impair the way they function.

It's cyclical, this being defeated thing you're talking about. It's happening to most everyone I know and love right now, and I think it has a lot to do with our collective perceptions about everything going on in our lives. It is also very heavily reliant on the change of seasons that is about to happen, always this time of year that makes people crazy. We're doing all of this unconscious yearing and longing and pining for the final death of winter to go ahead and happen, because our bodies are ready for the rebirth and renewal of spring to cleanse us with its warmth and color. As a result, everything is taken out of context and taken WAY too seriously. We're aggravated and easily annoyed by stuff that normally doesn't get to us like it has lately.

Hold on, it's all about to get a LOT better once the earth starts being nice again. Just hold on a bit longer and try not to take things so seriously. And remember that I love you all, and that if nothing else in this world, I'm your fan, your friend, your cheerleader, a pillow under you when you fall, and a comfortable silence when you just need something and don't know what it is - I'm all of those things and a lot more. Chill out and hang on so you can be this for someone else soon.
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