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Ex-Gay & Ex-Ex-Gay Celebrity Deathmatch!! 
5th-Mar-2007 05:35 pm
Video: Gay and 'ex-gay'
On a CBC show, The House with George Stromboulopoulos, there's a video of two men, one gay who says he's conquered his homosexuality, and an ex-ex-gay, who finally found peace once out of the movement.

Here's the clip up on YouTube.

The "ex-gay," Brian, talks about his current desires and fighting them (he's now "happily married to a woman"). It's quite sad. She's also an "ex-gay" by the way (and they met in an online support group for ex-gays). He received the suggestion from one of his counselors to "stop piercing your ears and go play football you'll become more manly." Both he and his wife know that they will be struggling with same-sex desires, and said that five or ten years down the road he doesn't see acting out on them. Sigh. How long do we give him before either he or his wife can't take the misery of denying who they are? All I can say is that the video says it all.

The ex-ex-gay, Darin, talked about his family hating him for being gay. He went to an ex-gay ministry, and he was not treated with love, he was told "you're not praying enough, you're not reading your bible enough, you're following sinful patterns...you're a bad person." Thankfully he was invited into a gay-affirming church, which allowed him to finally love himself for who he is.

* Ex-Gay Therapy Doesn't Work, I Tried It (Daniel of Ex-Gay Watch)
Hat tip to the lovely and fabulous Pam Spaulding, whom I adore.
5th-Mar-2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
"Hey Weyland, who's the bear? Woof!"

Please. This guy is quite literally a big fat 'mo, and has to stuff his hands into his track-pants pockets (nice touch btw, very butch) in order to keep them from whooshing loudly as they flail about.

I've tried to look at these people objectively, I've tried to sympathize with them and their apparent plight or lack of ability to come to terms with who they are, and I just. CAN'T. DO IT.

Part of me finds this guy ridiculous in the extreme, an almost pathetically laughable charicature of an incomplete person. The rest of me wants to slap the shit out of him for pushing this faith-based christofascist garbage as some sort of UNIVERSAL solution to his PERSONAL inability to grow a fucking spine.

I'm not sorry this idiot is incapable of acknowledging what is patently obvious to everyone else, but I AM sorry that he has to open his big fat lisping trap and spread this noisome mental slime across the airwaves.

Dude, seriously? You're a 320 lb child scared shitless of what you are, and who you could be. There's no operation on earth that can save you from it, and yet despite the inevitable outcome you cling to your denial like a deranged lamprey.

You need psychotherapy, not Jesus.
5th-Mar-2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
Brian is so much frakin' denial it hurs to watch. I bet he and his 'wife' have an open relationship or are into group scenes just so they can have a member of the same sex there.

Darin on the other hand seems to finally be headed in the right direction.

And George Stromboulopoulos is a Canadian Sex God, well for me at least... :D
5th-Mar-2007 11:50 pm (UTC)
And George Stromboulopoulos is a Canadian Sex God, well for me at least... :D
Believe me, you're not the only one. He's really hot.
6th-Mar-2007 12:42 am (UTC)

Brian looks awkward and embarrassed, and Darin looks like he's speaking from the heart. Which one is happier, d'you think?

Small quibble - George Stromboulopoulos's show is called "The Hour".
6th-Mar-2007 05:17 am (UTC)
I think the most painful moment was when Brian admits that he is still attracted to men and his wife is still attracted to women, but that doesn't matter. When he is having sex with his wife he is NOT thinking about other men.

BULLSHIT!!! You felt a need to bring that up! Don't lie about it, you are having a fantasy of having sex with a guy. Dude, everyone knows that violating the 10 commandments are the worst thing you can do. So what is worse, being a homosexual, or lying about it? Being a homo doesn't make it into the top 10, but lying does!
6th-Mar-2007 10:12 pm (UTC) - Denial is an ugly, ugly thing...
Yeah, not that I comment on anything too terribly often, but I totally agree with the fact that the formerly-formerly-out-but-is-now-back-in-but-he-can't-stoppit guy is a raving mo. I seriously lol'ed at the comment above about having to keep his hands in his pockets so he wouldn't flail them around when he spoke. The pain on his face at not being able to express himself both physically and emotionally is almost laughable. At the same time, I've been akin to this idea of ex-gay when I couldn't find a way to deal with the fact that I am gay, and that I believe what I do. But when you take what the church (which, like all institutions, aims to control people by any means possible) says and base your personal worth on something someone else about you says, whether it's a person or an institution, you're limiting what you are and would you could be.

These poor people. All of them. While the fellow who is ex-ex-gay talks about finding himself again, I still wanted to just tell him to quit it, too. He's found himself amidst the swirling nonsense that is society, but still clings to the cliches of needing a church to accept him; somehow when the church accepts him it's the same as God accepts him.

Quick history recall: If God we're to speak and give his thoughts on all of the nasty, inhuman, reproachable, vile things that have been done under his banner, I don't think the church would be the final word anymore...considering the church has been behind the majority of all these attacks on mankind.

I just had to say something about it all. Denial on any level is a detriment to all involved, and you can hear it in these guys voices and see it in their eyes.

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