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Ex-Gay & Ex-Ex-Gay Celebrity Deathmatch!!

Video: Gay and 'ex-gay'
On a CBC show, The House with George Stromboulopoulos, there's a video of two men, one gay who says he's conquered his homosexuality, and an ex-ex-gay, who finally found peace once out of the movement.

Here's the clip up on YouTube.

The "ex-gay," Brian, talks about his current desires and fighting them (he's now "happily married to a woman"). It's quite sad. She's also an "ex-gay" by the way (and they met in an online support group for ex-gays). He received the suggestion from one of his counselors to "stop piercing your ears and go play football you'll become more manly." Both he and his wife know that they will be struggling with same-sex desires, and said that five or ten years down the road he doesn't see acting out on them. Sigh. How long do we give him before either he or his wife can't take the misery of denying who they are? All I can say is that the video says it all.

The ex-ex-gay, Darin, talked about his family hating him for being gay. He went to an ex-gay ministry, and he was not treated with love, he was told "you're not praying enough, you're not reading your bible enough, you're following sinful're a bad person." Thankfully he was invited into a gay-affirming church, which allowed him to finally love himself for who he is.

* Ex-Gay Therapy Doesn't Work, I Tried It (Daniel of Ex-Gay Watch)
Hat tip to the lovely and fabulous Pam Spaulding, whom I adore.
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