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Michelle Malkin: Pottymouth/Ann Coulter: Windbag

Max Blumenthal of the Nation approached Michelle Malkin and asked her to sign a picture of Japanese Americans in the Manzanar internment camp. Malkin is the author of a In Defense of Internment, a book about why it's okay for the U.S. to put its own citizens in camps during wars. So, you'd think she'd love to sign a picture of the Manzanar internment camp. Evidently, not...

Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, PWNED by
The Nation's Max Blumenthal @ CPAC

See again how Coulter ducks an honest question with "right to privacy"? Not that she has an iota of respect for anyone ELSE'S privacy, especially when calling a former VP candidate/current Presidential candidate a 'faggot'. Stupid cunt. Now all of the Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from her and the people who sponsored CPAC are coming out suggesting it might never happen again if this is what it devolves into:
"It would be better, in my opinion, to not have a CPAC at all than to have one that presents conservatism as a hostile, people-hating ideology," said Amy Ridenour, whose National Center for Public Policy Research was one of the paying sponsors for CPAC.
Afterward, Malkin went against the usual puritanical act she orchestrates and began using DIRTY WORDS like 'chickenshits' and 'assholes' to describe what happened - and we have the audio of this exchange.
Mike Stark “What happened, Michelle?

Malkin: “Some punks from the Nation came, and they ambushed me at my book signing.”

Stark: “Heh, that’s real professional.”

Malkin: “Yeah. Such chickenshits.”

Stark: “What did they do?”

Malkin: “Uh, they had a video camera, and they, uh, started, uh, lambasting my book. Assholes. I’m sorry, I’m just like, cursing. It’s made me so mad. ”

Here's a tip for your next book on why we ought to put them filthy homersexshuls in camps too... Wait a tick, thousands of faggots all rounded up in the same place? Isn't that a dream come true for some of us? Anyway - just remember, Michelle, that when writing a book in defense of ANYTHING, that you know what the fuck you're talking about first off - and that you do adequate research so that later, after you're published, you don't have any need to go back and put up an errata page, and you will have nothing at all to defend because your argument is well reasoned and sound.

Hat tips to Majikthise, from which this is reposted.
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