Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

We made it through the storms no worse for the wear.

This hotel is approximately 2 miles from where my best friend Maggie lives, maybe 6 or 7 miles from me.

This was an Eckerd Drugs store yesterday, now scrambled.

As is being widely reported now, we had some reasonably nasty storms in my area yesterday here in the deep south. It was around 6:30 -7 when the first of two tornado warning sirens went off, and I managed to get to the window and snap a few pictures of it rolling past on the north side of town. One of the best things about this loft is the view you get of everything, and we're situated on the north side of the building, right alongside the river dividing Georgia and Alabama. The lightning coming down just before this was all cloud to ground, in very rapid succession. Some of it splintered off into chains - it was amazing looking. I'm resolved to the fact that there's a 10 story water tower right outside out windows, so if it's gonna get me it's gonna get me and there's nothing that can be done about that. It's part of my fascination with storms in general, I love them. I also accept that even with the most elementary of precautions, sometimes you're just at the mercy of nature. I have no fear of storms, having already experienced tornadoes and hurricanes in the past. I live in the south, they're both pretty common.

Anyway, there was extensive damage done to different areas of town and millions of dollars in damage - as well as several lives lost - all over the south. Damien's best friend has had significant damage done to his house, we called him last night after the storm was over to see if they were alright. Everyone was fine, but he said he is going to have to get a new roof for his house. He's also just about two miles from Maggie. Our families are all okay, so that's ultimately all that matters to me right now.



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