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I feel ripped off, cheated, and completely lied to. Fuck you, motherfucker - just FUCK YOU.

Insane Jane - Your Mouth
Quit knocking on my door, what gave you the idea that I'd want you back for more
there's nothing here that you could need
there was a place in time I needed you to hear my voice speaking in your ears
well now I'm screaming - you're still not listening

laying in the shadows laying in my bed my head is spinning
can you stop and understand that my life is not a total commitment to everyone I ever met
I don't want to know who he's been messing with
I don't wanna know who she lied to or what she wore or what you're doing

all I want is for you
is to sit in front of a mirror
take a good look at yourself
is your mouth still running?

See, you and I, we don't have the same opinions - let's keep it that way
and you and I, we don't have the same ideas - let's keep it that way
I don't have anything that I want to share with you
and i don't want anything you have to share with me
so let's keep it that way

I regret the day I met you
why did I tell you my name?
how did you get into my life
into my life, into my brain
now I got a moment alone, I'm laughing
loudly laughing
'cause I don't have to hear your jaws flappin' clappin'
yes I'm laughing
ha ha ha!

You know who you fucking are.
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