Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

shivasinai: the floor is yours.

Take your best shot. I'll spar with you for a while, at least. Go ahead, the gloves are off - just realize that before you bite.

BACKSTORY: see this thread in this post over at the jeff_buckley community. I'd already deleted well over 25 comments from the troll because they were inflammatory and I wanted to spare the rest of the community from all of the flaming and sniping before inviting troll here to resolve the matter. If someone wants to go toe to toe with me on an issue, that's fine - just own your motives for it and don't backpedal later when you get caught in your bullshit. That's what happened, basically. I'm leaving this post up and the links to it in place for anyone in the community who follows over to see what happened as a means of proving that I didn't start this nonsense - I just finished it and had enough respect for the community to bring it here and not leave it there.

EDIT: 11:36PM

Only 93 minutes for me to spin out this troll on itself - I believe that's a new record for me.
Tags: Die Motherfucker!™, trolls

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