Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Good Mo'nin, LifeGerbil!

I woke up in as mood. I have no idea how to really give justice to it, let's just say that I am extremely grateful for my life - flaws and all. I am grateful for this amazing and beautiful man who wants to share it with me. I'm grateful for the fantastic friends who help make it all worthwhile and point out the flowers along the way. I'm grateful for my babies who always remind me of the good and love and happiness I've generated through years of patient care in raising them as part of a family.

For all of those who haven't heard it in a while from me, I love you very much. If you've never heard it from me but needed it, I love you too. Today I'm going to Atlanta with the love of my life and spending the day at the aquarium with thejunebug and freyaskat, respectively - and possibly others. Well, definitely others - just others we actually know is all I'm saying.

Have a fantastic day, everyone. Make sure you tell someone else how much they mean to you today - at least one. ;-)

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