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My Wish List

I love my family and friends. I don't think I tell you that often enough, but that doesn't mean I don't feel it. The point is that just feeling it is not enough, you have to make it an action. Had I known then that the last time I told Shane that I loved him was going to be the last time I ever got to tell him anything, I would have made sure I burned every word into my memory like a permanent stain. I have to live with the knowledge that he knew I loved him to the end of the earth, whether I did a good enough job as his best friend in showing that and proving it is what I'm left with.

I believe the appropriate time to tell someone you love them is 5 seconds after it occurs to you. That having been said, here is my wish list..

For thedigitalghost,
I wish the bounty of my love and efforts in making life for us a better place today than it was yesterday; I wish us the luxury of time and quiet, the thrill ride of laughter and motion, the space of memory and stillness, and in time the gift of family and home with our own trademark stamp on it.

For lolasenvy,
I wish the softness of light for illumination, the polish of age to smooth jagged edges, and the knowledge that no one in the world adores you like I do. No one will ever have your gifts.

For chola23712,
I wish an awarensss of the deeper places you affect in me and of the joy that your touch brings. I wish a spotlight that you can dance in where no one can see, a safe space where the screamer can be bathed in light, silenced, and comforted.

For wsbsdrewnelson,
I wish the lightning of movement, the fluidity of restless waves, the strength to bend the bars of any cage, and the daily discovery of inner fires.

For djrl,
I wish balance, melody, and magic carpet rides of consciousness. I wish candydreams and honeydust to replace the nightmares and the stranglehold of fear. I wish a mountain climb's worth of strength and the feeling of accomplishment in each and every step, and the memory of my arms when I'm not there.

For tiredofdreaming,
I wish the guiding eyes of clarity, the spark of starlight to illuminate dark rooms in your past, and the magic safety net that appears underneath you two seconds after you jump. That catch-all net is me. The dancer's most difficult dance is her own walk - the singer's strongest vocal is her own speaking voice - the actor's most demanding role is being herself. Life is NOT a stage, life is the play.

For isis691,
I wish the lift of gentle breezes that are the hugs out of nowhere when you need one most. I wish the cleansing satisfaction of knowledge and age to wash and calm the restless beating of a wounded heart, and the peace of knowing you have walked the hardest walk already so give the muscles of your tired soul a well deserved rest.

For cantotre,
I wish a hollow dream tree to hide in, a dreamshop to build those dreams in, and a magic carpet to fly in them. Everything in its own time.

For ryno_v_6point7,
I wish the calm of thoughtfulness, the peace of knowing, and the embrace of softness. Who you were yesterday is not who you are today and tomorrow is just as uncertain - it is all about today.

For photol,
I wish the world of music your nighttime pillow and your dreams the missing notes, inspiring the magic that has been so sorely missed in the ears of listeners. I wish for you fearlessness and energy, brilliance and light, repose and reflection.

For pandorasparkle,
I wish an inner mirror that makes the inside match the outside, a field of lavender flowers and fresh rain to run naked in, and the cool silence of calming waterfall at its source.

For princessqtpi,
I wish a boatride down the river of a child's innocent mind, the strength and cool touch of marble under foot, and the spine quiver of memory that invokes a smile at each recollection. I'm there even when I'm not.

For amystorey,
I wish a lifelong hug from long lost friends, the drive to continue making us all feel extraordinary, and the will to be who you know you are without apology, explaination, or fear.

For ladyandrea,
I wish the discovery of unknown secrets, the burning hunger of self awareness, and the realization of making it count.

For sally4neal,
I wish a soothing light from the dark of night, a wind to pick you up just enough to find better footing, and the healing touch to make all wounds like new again.

For sparklestargirl,
I wish a rope to tie the moon, a blue sky to fly in, and a defeating mountain to stand on top of.
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