Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
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Eva Cassidy Music Post

In my melancholy state, I have been thinking a lot about Elissa today. I got an email from my friend Monica, who coincidentally is Elissa's childhood best friend, and she's been on the brain and in the heart today. Invariably when I think of Elissa these days I cannot help but to think of Eva Cassidy. Last night, michaelnolan posted a video of Eva singing Over The Rainbow, which Elissa also sang with the Nectar project (downloads available here). Speaking of Nectar, I made a cover for the album featuring my beloved D - click here to see that. It brought home to me the similarities between Elissa and Eva, so being that I'm a big fan of Eva's, I have decided that tomorrow's music post is going to be dedicated to her.

I'll write up the details of her life and post them later - in the meantime, here are videos of my two favorite Eva Cassidy cover songs:

Fields of Gold (Sting)

People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)

Sting, the songwriter and original singer of Fields of Gold, said the following about Eva's cover of the song:
"A lot of people have covered my songs. And it's a strange emotion, you know, because your own songs are like your own babies. I mean you might hear someone reinterpreting them and maybe you don't agree with what they've done. But this version was just so pure, so excellent, that I was deeply moved by it, and so happy that she covered it. Eva's is one of the best versions of my song I've ever heard...There is something about her voice - a quality - that you can't really put into words. It's a magical quality. People respond to its purity. It suggests something ethereal-- something unattainable."
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