Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I am exceptionally proud of my Jenn for her Grammy win last night, but I have to make a special post for my beloved Dixie Chicks. In what is perhaps the best ever "FUCK YOU!" to Free Republic, Clear Channel, every radio station that refused to play their music, and the stupid fuckers who claim to be patriots but don't give a shit about the 1st Amendment since singer Natalie Maines criticized Der Chimpenfuhrer on a London stage on the eve of the war in Iraq, the Dixie Chicks claim 5 Grammys including the big three: album of the year (for "Taking the Long Way"), song of the year and record of the year (both for "Not Ready to Make Nice").

Shut Up & Sing Trailer

Not Ready To Make Nice
Tags: dixie chicks

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