Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

John McCain is a completely pathetic twatwaffle.

The only people more pathetic and detatched from reality are his fan club members, Bill Kristol, Everyone at Fox News, and - well - Republicans in general. Perhaps Lindsay Graham (R-Automaton) - but they're neck and neck. Oh - and FUCK Brit Hume also. Just because.

See/read this: Winning Hearts & Minds in Iraq.

It takes a good look at the conditions of our troops and the Iraqi citizens and makes you wonder how we're ever getting out of this mess and what the long term damage to this country will be as a result of it all. I'm not optimistic. Matter of fact, it's shit like this that encourages an insurgency in the first place. Imagine if Iraqi forces tried to pull that shit here. I'm just sayin'.

I live 15 minutes from Fort Benning - I know a lot of people who are on their 3rd and 4th tours there, and their nerves are stretched to their limits - as well as their families, and on the top of it they're getting royally fucked for it. Soldiers who were coming to Walter Reed two years ago with severe wounds were being offered to retire at 15%, and this was before the hospital closing! Who would sign on for that kind of treatment if it meant putting their lives at risk, possibly leaving behind spouses, partners, and children who will never understand why such a sacrifice was made under these pretenses?

It's just insane, and it makes me really sad that we're sending our sons and daughters over there for NOTHING. If what we're bringing to Iraq is democracy, then democracy is a consummate failure.
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