Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


BREAKING: Bush "surge" likely sending DOUBLE the number of troops to Iraq - 35,000 to 48,000 - NOT 21,000
Leaked Congressional Budget Office report says real number of Bush troop surge is between 35,000 and 48,000 additional troops.

UPDATE: And that $5.6 billion Bush asked for to pay for the "surge," it was a lie too. From CBO:
CBO estimates that costs would range from $9 billion to $13 billion for a four-month deployment and from $20 billion to $27 billion for a 12-month deployment...
In the best case scenario, this will be a four-month deployment. That means the cost will be around two times what Bush claimed.
Hat tip to John at AmericaBlog for breaking this one.

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