Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Fox News guest says US culture has 'systematic hatred of males'

A written example of Giles' batshit wingnuttery.

Conservative theologian on Fox: 'Jesus wasn't a bearded lady'

Doug Giles see examples of discrimination against men throughout US culture. Churches should stop raising 'nice' boys and, instead raise 'warriors' to combat terrorisms. Schools are controlled by the 'feminist agenda'. Doug Giles says, "You look at the culture, the movies, the television, and it always shows boys and men being these morons that a woman or a gay man has to take by the hand and lead us through the fog or we're not going to make it. In the education system you see the lack of competition. They want to eradicate sports. They want to get rid of grading. They want everybody to be equal. If a boy acts out, let's put him on drugs instead of that being [the nature] of that young man. We want to get him doped up and turn his testosterone, effectively, off."

On the treatment of boys by religion, Giles says, "The church doesn't help matters either. The church is know for raising 'nice' boys. I don't know about you, Steve, but when I was young, I didn't dream of growing up and being 'nice.' I wanted save a nation, slay a dragon, something great, be a fireman, a policeman, save a damsel in distress." He suggest how churches should influence boys, saying, "The churches ought to go back to the biblical example. Like David. David was a warrior. You know, Moses, he was a tough, rowdy guy. He defied Pharaoh and all of his hosts. You know , Jesus wasn't a bearded lady. He fashioned a whip, threw out the money changers, stood for truth, lead in difficult time periods. I think, given the war on terrorism and the asggressive secularism that's trying to ramrod traditional American values out of our nation, I think, we need men to be men now days and there is a systematic hatred of males that's going on in our culture."

Watch the video:


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