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Sunday Dinner Kicked IZZASS!!

I made a Jamaican feast for dinner, it was all very spicy and fragrant and jummylicious. I made the most tender grilled Jerk Chicken, black beans with rice, an Island Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions in a red wine vinaigrette), and Festival turnovers. The turnovers are a variation of Jamaican Vegetable Patties, which are normally baked in a pie crust, but I do mine in puff pastry and a little curry oil. Everything was nice and spicy, and I used some of the chili peppers that cantotre grew and gave me - thanks again, Michael!

Damien went to Atlanta this morning and came back with a bunch of stuff from storage. He brought a TV, DVD, & VCR for me to use in my bedroom. We rearranged the furniture in my room and I like it SO much better the way it is now, it really opened my room up and made it bigger. We have spent so much time and energy this morning/afternoon getting the house cleaned up that I'm exhausted - and my back? FORGET ABOUT IT!

I'm looking forward to Halloween this Thursday, We haven't even gotten our pumpkins yet! Better get crackin'!


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