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Help me out, please!


My dear friend Renea (lolasenvy) has created a new community and I need help to promote it. It is called motherswithout, and it was created to be a place for people struggling with the loss of a child. Renea has had two miscarriages, but it isn't just about that. It is a place for anyone who has lost a child - whether that be as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, SIDS, you name it. I've made a graphic and linkable code so that anyone reading this can post about it and help get some membership in the community. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE folks, it is very important to us and someone on your friends list is bound to benefit from this community or know someone who really would.

Because grief has no time table.
Because you need to get it out.
Because you are not alone.


- a community for anyone struggling with grief concerning the loss of a child -

- click here for the introductory post & link code -



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