Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

They all agree: Bush is crazy

DNC: Editorials Around the Country Blast Bush's War Escalation With Troop Increase
The notion that the "surge" in U.S. troops amounts to a new policy is laughable.
-- LA Times

The president now is going to change strategy but that had better include a recognition that the American people want more than vague promises and goals that sound good but remain out of reach.
-- Raleigh News & Observer

There is nothing novel, and certainly nothing magical, about Bush's plan to surge. It has been tried twice, and it failed.
-- San Francisco Chronicle

Americans are tired of sacrificing blood and treasure for vague, moving goalposts. They want results.
-- Wichita Eagle

Bush's last-ditrch effort is a futile gesture, a vain attempt to salvage what is already lost.
-- Atlanta Journal Constitution

There is no reason to believe that throwing more troops and more dollars will do any good. The time for surge of U.S. troops has passed.
-- Dallas Morning Whore

We'd like to believe such a strategy could reverse Bush's debacle in Baghdad, but nothing we've heard so far has convinced us that is the case.
-- Rocky Mountain News

There was a time when a surge made sense. But that was nearly four years ago,
-- Albany Times Union

The public is weary of seeing young Americans killed or maimed for no discernible purpose in a land that many deem unredeemable.
-- New York Daily Whore

Any proposal that says "surge" but means whatever it takes for however long it takes will similarly fall with a serious thud.
-- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

Bush has often said that he gives his commanders what they need to get the job done. That means he gives them early retirement when what they think differs from his thinking.
-- Albuquerque Journal

Bartcop: So, everybody agrees Bush is insane and lying, so how do we stop him? How do we save the lives and limbs Bush is willing to throw away so easily?

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