Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Bush would veto Medicare drug price measure, Republicans say

Devilstower @ DailyKos:
Of all the items in the first hundred hours, none seems more sensible than that the government should negotiate lower Medicare drug prices from pharmaceutical suppliers. After all, the government uses competitive bidding for other areas (well, those not related to handing a big check to Cheney's former company, at least). Private insurers negotiate with the drugs companies. The Veteran's Administration negotiates with the drug companies. It's hard to think that anyone would disagree with trying to get the best possible price.

After all, what who would be stupid enough to just pay whatever the drug companies asked? What kind of moron would think it a good idea for the government to pay more than the going rate, causing higher costs and ensuring that programs were able to return less value? This kind of moron.

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