Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

New Layout

It was a long time coming, I had grown tired of the same old same old. This layout was modified from a free css template and some revisions to the Smooth Sailing layout I've used for over two years now I believe. It was inspired by Peter Gabriel's song "Digging In The Dirt". Anyway, check it out:

Digging In The Dirt
LiveJournal Layout | v.34

DIY details
You can infinitely customize the Smooth Sailing layout, but what I've done here is not offered publically. You could yank the image links and that's cool, and code the colors yourself. The best thing to me about this layout is that once you have the basic modifications set in place, changing anything or adding things is really simple. Especially for a layout design that is image based, because facelifting it is merely a matter of changing the image URLs and recoding the RGB color values. Here are the image links for current images used on Digging In The Dirt:
Header image, no text:

Background image:

Entry divider:

Sidebar divider:

The RGB values for the colors are:
Dark brown: #301D00
Medium brown: #603A01
Tan: #916D3A

For more, see s2smoothsailing and its creator's LJ, the phenominally talented masterslacker - who is, coincidentally, my friend Michael. Big love, man!
Tags: layout tweaks & history
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