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C&L Link Roundup

Before I post any of the following links and/or backstory, I must insist that all of you cease eating or drinking. Might want to temporarily spit out all candy or gum for the duration of this post as well. I don't want to be responsible for anyone choking or ruining a keyboard or monitor. Most bloggers don't go this extra mile, you know.
Evidently, Ann Coulter has been dethroned from her position as Goddess Of All Things Evil & Conservative - she now has to share it with a bunch of other mostly evil (but nowhere as organized or articulate) 'harpies'. These 'broads' have unquestionably never experienced proper SINGULAR orgasms before, let alone multiples. Their legs have been together longer than the Smothers Brothers.

Behold the newest addition to 'Dose Craaaayzee Republican Wingnut Bitches', Melanie Morgan. Crooks & Liars has so far linked to the choiciest bits in the raving lunacy that is our Miz Melly:Second runner up to Coultergeist is Self-Loathing Anchor Baby Hypocrite & Proponent of Concentration Camps, the walking farce that is Michelle Malkin. First, the Jamil Hussein lunacy. The the corrections for not only Jamil Hussein, but also for the John Kerry gaffe. Any opportunity to smear Kerry, you know. Eric Boehlert from Media Matters posted this column on Monday in which he posits Michelle Malkin's credibility, R.I.P.

In other news, Joe Klein gets served. Greg Sargent has a great round up and response to Klein, the "Heroic Pundit."

Geraldo wants to fight Olbermann, Olbermann Responds to Geraldo, lays the smack down. OOOOOOOH, BURNED YOU!! Careful there Geraldo, I've seen Olbermann throw a chair before.

Sean Hannity is still an idiot.

Holy Joe and St. McCain talk about their love for Bush's escalation plans. Try not to vomit.

Lastly, Pajamas Media and “major embarrassment” — connect the dots
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