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Just So You Know.

I don't cotton to motherfuckers thinking they have the right to hurt one of my friends psychologically, belittle and disrespect them, and then have the nerve to put their hands on them and leave bruises. I'm not the biggest guy in the world, but ask the guy who was twice my size and called himself hitting one of my other friends about me and a baseball bat. Probably STILL shitting splinters 10 years later.

Just let this be known for the record. I know people everywhere. BUT EVERYWHERE. I don't even have to get directly involved, either. I know guys who look like linebackers, good ol' country boys who are shitkickers through and through and all they need is half an excuse to end your sorry ass - and all I have to do is say what happened, where you live and work, and that's it, you'll never raise your hand to another woman again.

Stupid, stupid motherfucker! When it comes to my friends, I'm a vicious vengeance bastard. I don't make threats, either. Just putting this out there for the universe so that in a few months when all this is just a memory and you're walking to your house from your car late one night - and then from nowhere 'the nameless, faceless night' comes up and jumps you and beats your sorry motherfucking ass into the goddamned ground, all you'll need to know is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, for any reason.
YOU live in fear for a while, let's see how YOU like it, DICK.

I'd like to spill your blood so bad right now I have a fucking hard-on.
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