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Wow.. 6 Whole Months...

Today is my 6 month anniversary with Damien. We're celebrating with dinner at the Crimson Crustacean, which I'm looking foreward to being that seafood is one of the finer pleasures of my life. 'Tis a shame that we don't have a "Krusty Krab" here, I could rock out on some Krabby Patties! We DO have a seafood restaurant here called Rosehill, but I'm thinking that that one should be renamed the "Chum Bucket". After all, if you've ever eaten there you'd know... ::shudders::

I'm checking out the news this morning, and in between the barrage of Sniper cliches and The Saddam Minute!... The Saddam Second!... Don't Look Now, But Saddam Just Stroked His Moustache! I found this story about Harry Belafonte and his remarks about Colin Powell being a "...slave who is allowed into the house with the master..." Jesus H. Bloody Buggery Bollocky Christ! As if Harry Fucking Belafonte knew ANYTHING about being either a black man or a slave. Fucking idiot. ...(see flashing user icon)...

Then I run across this news bit about the Vatican issuing some new lame assed, insulting bullshit (as if there were anything valid or meaningful coming out of the Vatican now or at any time since it's inception to reality) about how there's no reason why pedophile priests should lose their jobs or be denied access to children as potential victims. Apparently being a child raping monster is fine - but have consensual sex with another adult male? WHOA THERE, SLOW DOWN, YA SINNER! And yet people still believe this bullshit hand over foot. It's insulting to me for anyone who would claim to be a Catholic these days. To do so implies that you support an institution that allows children to be brutalized and destroyed and it's okay to look the other way because "Fuck The Kids", right? Kiss my ass, I hope the Vatican loses members of the church left and right - and to all Catholics, you're getting royally fucked. I know many people (including the members of my own family) who are, for the most part decent people, who are trying their best to look the other way in the face of all this scandal. Let me tell you something, folks - and I know that my family reads this journal - after this latest revelation from the Vatican, I have no respect for ANYONE who would claim to be Catholic now. You are a co-conspirator to me. You're effectively saying that molesting an innocent child is acceptable behavior and that you support an institution who sets the standard for destroying children and daring anyone to question them. The church has never given a fuck about it's members, only it's power. If you think for one single second that the church as an institution cares about you or your children, not only are you blind but you're handing your child over to a bastard that will rape them in a room full of other bastards who will look the other way. You can agree with me or not, but if you love your child you'll renounce the church. If you want your child to understand values, then don't support an organization that allows this insanity.

Yeah, your priest might be a regular guy - but his boss is a motherfucker, and you can tell him I said so.

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9. Chug maple syrup until you blow chunks.

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7. Buttermilk kegger.

6. Burn past the square dance on a seriously rad Clydesdale.

5. Sleep until 6 a.m.

4. Churn butter in the nude.

3. Consort with the witches off of the cover of a discarded "Which Witch?" game.

2. Squeeze cats to make the "wicky-wicky" sound like rap DJs.

1. Burn Thomas Edison in effigy.
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