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Brad Smith

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Oh, The Irony - Someone Wake Up Bob Geldof...

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?

I swear, they're gonna ruin it for everyone. If it ain't them thar dadgum Islamofascists then it's the dadgum Jews. Don't they know the REAL war, the ONLY war that really matters, is the War on Christmas? We need to deploy extra troops to Ethiopia and Somalia, and they need to bring the Kevlar of Jesus to those lost souls. Santa might be able to bring them Christmas blesings because he's skipping over Darfur, so that might work. What our troops needed most in Iraq, they're getting - that's right, Christmas trees for all the troops! 'Cause nothing shields you from an IED like a fraser fir...

Praise Santa! Send More Troops In The War On Terra/Christmas/Islamofascismists!

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