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If this whole david/Ryno deal is still simmering, then I want to be the one to end it by deciding who has the bigger dick ONCE AND FOR ALL.

David once dared me to moon him, and told me he'd flash me if I did. I immediately dropped trou and then he reluctantly flashed me his member... Ryno, next time I see you, go ahead and whip it out for inspection - then this whole issue of who's got the bigger spamhammer can be settled. ::snickers::

If it's over, then great - let's move on to the next thing. On a final note, throwing derogatory statements at my girl Anjelica? OH H A I L NAW!! Name calling with a Latin chick? have you lost your fucking MIND? I'd rather go 5 rounds with Mike Tyson with a dangly earring that says "You's a BEEYATCH, MIKE!" than piss off Anjelica!

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