Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I dig Kelly Clarkson, especially since she's such a good sport - as evidenced here, at a Metal Skool concert where she's in the audience with the lead singer of Yellowcard. Our dear Miss Independent is dancing and swilling beer from a solo cup when they notice her, sexually harass her, and call her up on stage. She goes up, drinks Chivas straight from the bottle, does some audience participation stuff and chucks her top into the audience before asking them to play some Guns N' Roses, then the real fun begins. Sure, she doesn't know all of the words, but it could also be that she's piss drunk in this clip. Either way, she held her own and it's great fun.

Kelly Clarkson Drunk & Rockin' Out
NSFW Because of language, so be careful

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