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Just read ryno_v_6point7's last post, and MAN I'm glad I'm not on HIS shit list. I think I know who he's talking about, I'm just glad it's not me.

I'm getting excited about Halloween this year, I'm hopefully going tomorrow (this evening if it keeps raining) to get the stuff for Damien's costume my Satan costume. Any ideas on what I should wear? I have NO clue what to wear and I'm not going to buy anything clothingwise to wear for this. Anyone have a suit I can borrow that might fit me?

It's cold and rainy this morning, and I love it. I'm hoping that it stays this way for at least half of the day. Rain makes me happy. Except for when I really want to go biking, but then you cannot do all of the things you want to do all of the time. Life is all about balance, you have to have other things as a back up plan sometimes.

I was talking to Damien last night about faith and accidents and the like. I mentioned to him that i don't believe in accidents for the most part, it's a part of my theory about there being no absolutes. I think there are too many variables in general existance for me to accept absolutes across the board - but then again, the same applies to the opposing theory if you take into account those same variables applying to a concept of their being ONLY absolutes conversely because that would have to balance my original theory and oh no - now I've gone crosseyed... ::snicker::

We also went by the glass studio last night, it was very cool. My Uncle Frank & Aunt Rhonda own and operate Angelfire Glassworks ~ soon to be on the web once Damien designs a site for them. I love their Wishing Stars. You have to see them. I'm going to be working with them designing and making pieces and doing shows locally, there's one coming up this Saturday downtown on the Riverwalk in the area where the Uptown Jam & Riverfest normally are. Hundreds of Wishing Stars and crosses will be on display, they're actually quite beautiful for those of you so inclined on getting someone a one-of-a-kind gift. They each come with a wish card for the person you're giving them to and I can write your wish on for you personally in calligraphy. The one I'm going to make is a cross from the movie "The Blair Witch Project" that looks like this:

...just because I think it looks cool and I loved the movie. I thought it was genius. Matter of fact, I want to see that and "Halloween" sometime soon, maybe even ON Halloween would be cool!

I'm jonesing for a hike in Providence Canyon, so if anyone wants to plan a trek over there then let's get cracking and go in a group.

"...back to Bob & Sheri on the Q..."

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