Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

The strangest things happen when I'm with my friends...

So Renea (lolasenvy) and I are downstairs in the basement doing laundry, looking at the ads in old Playboys (Betamax, what!?!!? 175 Horsepower Corolla? FUCKIN' SWEET!), and reading recipes from a Marcella Hazan cookbook that was a throw away from when the library lost its mind. We were playing a game called "The List", based on the VH1 show of the same name and discussing guilty pleasure music -vs- music that shouldn't even be the soundtrack to strangling cats. I'm sure I don't know how, but the subject of Wilson Phillips came up.
jesus_h_biscuit: Okay, so Wilson Phillips... Why? Why do they exist? I mean come on, spawn of John Phillips & Brian Wilson? Shouldn't they have been called "WE HATE DADDY!"?
lolasenvy: You know, had that first album of theirs existed in 1942, Hitler would have piped it into Auschwitz and rather than genocide it would have been mass suicide.
jesus_h_biscuit: OMG BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!! *literally hits the floor laughing*
lolasenvy: It should have been called "Final Solution" and not "Wilson Phillips".
jesus_h_biscuit: *is dying*
lolasenvy: My mom used to play that shit in the car after freaking out on me, she'd play fucking Wilson Phillips
jesus_h_biscuit: *still screaming laughing and now emitting fluids from eyes and mouth*
lolasenvy: I was a bitter, angry little girl being dropped off at the elementary school, man...
jesus_h_biscuit: I think I broke a rib.
lolasenvy: Now that the Mormons have gotten Hitler into Heaven, he's all "FUCK YEAH!! SHIT'S NOT MY FAULT!"
jesus_h_biscuit: That or "Wilson Phillips? Dude, I'M not even that cruel..."


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