Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I facelifted my layout in honor of The Smiths' song "Unlovable", because I'm feeling rather emo at the moment. The song was playing in my head this morning while I waiting on my coffee to finish brewing and the line "I wear black on the outside 'cause black is how I feel on the inside - and if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am" kept playing on repeat in my brain. Still is, matter of fact.

Soon I'll be making my "OMG YOU HAVE TO OWN THESE ALBUMS!!" music post, which will include "The Queen Is Dead" and "Meat Is Murder" by The Smiths - my two favorite albums by that band. Several albums including Jane's Addiction, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Bad Brains, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jennifer Nettles Band, Soul Miner's Daughter, Peter Gabriel, just tons of stuff.

I'm in a very wierd mood today. I need to see Renea, we're going to see my Mama later this afternoon, and I'm feeling nostalgic for all the wrong things.

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