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War On Christmas - Now It's The Jews' Fault

Another Dispatch From The War On Christmas:
Fundies: "Goddamned Jews Ruin EVERYTHING..."
Treeless in Seattle
By Marc Gellman
The greatest threat to America’s essential freedoms is not excluding a menorah from an airport, but trivializing important issues
Just when you thought it was safe to wish your Christian friends a Merry Christmas in public because that arbiter of all things commercial, Wal-Mart, is doing it again, a new brushfire in the ‘war against Christmas’ has erupted at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Here is the rapidly-changing story so far: For over 10 years the airport has decorated its entrances with Christmas trees festooned with bows and lights, but no angels and no manger scenes. Then last month along came a local Hasidic rabbi (Elazar Bogomilsky) who threatened to sue the airport if he was not allowed to erect a large Hannukah menorah and conduct a lighting ceremony. The cowardly response of the airport officials was to order workers on the graveyard shift on Sunday night to quickly remove all eight trees.

All or nothing - plain and simple - all or nothing. Commit one way or the other and stop your fucking bitching, o' revellers in the Christian pinnacle of birthday celebrations and rampant consumerism, because that is certainly NOT What Jesus Would Do.

Edit (12/15 - 5:14AM ET):
They're Back Up.
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