Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Okay, one more time for the dumbfucks at the back of the bus...

Got another email from a feminist who "...would appreciate it if I would cease using the word 'cunt' as it is demeaning to womyn...politically correct/incorrect...male privilege...waaa waaa waaa my pussy hurts waaa..." I replied that I would appreciate her not attempting to spawn or hold any influence on anyone more insipid than herself, lest she contribute more to the accelerating destruction of humankind via excessive stupidity.



My right to free speech is a bit more important than anyone else's delicate sensibilities. The fact is that regardless of the offensive nature of any word, there has yet to be any documented case whereby one has been mortally wounded, killed, or otherwise maimed by the use of a word, and that's a worst case scenario. Given this impossibility, this is hardly worth the amount of energy wasted on being offended, and not everyone has the need to live in such a sterile, sanitized existence.

I support everyone's right to say whatever they wish to say, no matter how much I may disagree. If being offended were truly something important enough to get worked up over, I could see the need and push for change. The fact is that I find things somewhat offensive on a daily basis, and I'm reasonably certain that things I find relatively innocuous are deeply offensive to others. It does not change the fact that there are worse things that being offended by one's words, and to put uneccessary energy into sanitizing everything detracts from important issues. We'd all do well to attempt growing a little thicker skin as a proactive measure, given everything REALLY important that we have to overcome and live with.

And for fuck's sake, stop equating 'oppression' with 'being offended' or I will fucking slay you. DOOM!! DOOM I SAY!! It is a highly oppressive act to enshrine the Constitution with amendments designed expressly to deny rights to any group, this qualifies as oppression. I do believe that words do not effectively oppress, they do not have that level of power. Offend, yes - oppress, no. Given that logic, being offended takes less (if any) importance and is not at all on par with oppression. If you're offended, then that is unfortunate at worst and trivial at best.

There has been suggestion that I haven't put sufficient thought into the language I use, I argue that I never open my mouth or type out verbiage without first considering what I wish to say or what subsequent damage may be inflicted as a result. It is intended to be provocative at times, it is a deliberate action on my part. To take offense to any of it is understandable, but it will not set into play any cause/effect that will make me backpedal and acquiesce into sanitization and/or self censorship.

If you have a thick enough skin, then nothing offensive I could ever say should mean more than a headshake and a "Wow, what an asshole this guy is" rather than giving it all this conjured sense of power and control. I've even been called a sexist for using the word 'cunt' by feminist "womyn"'s groups - it's enough to make me teeth turn around and eat my brain. I will not apologize for being born with a penis any more than I expect these microcephalic twatwaffles to have a fucking clue. For many people who promote that sort of thinking, they prefer not feeling included anywhere because they draw meaning in their lives from their own sense of victimhood. No matter, the fact that I have a dick is somehow a personal affront to them and really, what argument is there for such nonsense?

It is up to an individual to give or remove power from a statement or epithet and allow that to decide how it affects them, not anyone else. It certainly isn't in keeping with free speech, all of which I feel is sacred - even unpopular speech. Case in point, Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist cult. I personally am offended by them, I find them repulsive, but I defend their Constitutionally protected right to say whatever they wish to say, regardless of my own personal opinions on it, because if they have no right then none of us should. It is my choice to not take them seriously and get bothered by them, given enough rope they always hang themselves anyway.

To review, if you don't like what I write and feel the need to complain in emails to me that I should self-censor so as not to offend your delicate feelings and sensibilities, DIE. Just die. You're wasting oxygen.

All of this having been said, SapirWhorf hypothesis - discuss.
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