Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Why We Fight

In keeping with my feelings on my next-to-last post about the holocaust and going to Auschwitz, I wanted to make this post. It is something I think will illuminate another experience of humanity juxtaposed with inhumanity and add gravity to all of that.

HBO had a running series a while back called Band Of Brothers. It was a really good show and gave a good nod to what servicemembers and veterans experience(d). There was an episode called "Why We Fight" that absolutely shook me in a way that I'll never get over.

Band Of Brothers: Episode #9 - 'Why We Fight'

In the ninth episode, Easy Company finally enters Germany in April 1945, finding very little resistance as they proceed. There they are impressed by the industriousness of the defeated locals and gain respect for their humanity. But the G.I.s are then confronted with the horror of an abandoned Nazi concentration camp in the woods, which the locals claim not to have known anything about. Here the story of Easy Company is connected with the broader narrative of the war—the ideology of the Third Reich and Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews.
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