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T G I F!!!

I say that and yet I'm working another shift in the morning...

Friends season premiere was on last night and I really enjoyed it. Also Scrubs, Will & Grace, & Good Morning Miami - which has this HOT HOT HOT actor named Mark Feuerstein in the lead...

Mark Feuerstein

There's really nothing going on in the news worth reporting here, and actually I'm pretty happy about that. Some freaky stuff is going on here today at the station, for one there's something vile in the bathroom trashcan that has me going to the other side of the building. I cannot really tell you what it is, but suffice it to say that I'm really glad I was born a male. ::shudders::

Also, some crazed, seemingly drunken woman is calling me repeatedly here at the station and being rather unintelligible and belligerent. Then again, she's drunk at 6 AM. And crazy.

Am I the only one who thinks it is pretty sad that Lynyrd Skynyrd is doing a show here and we're plugging it like it was worth seeing? I suppose in the light of travesties like "Milton's Thumb" and "Check Into Cash" (Michael's favorite) - to say nothing of the complete crap music we play (with a few notable exceptions) - I guess it's all relative.

WOOHOO!!! NBC has hired Minnie Driver to develop & star in a series for the '03-'04 prime time season! Thank bloody Dog!

Pretty uneventful morning, all things considered. Just how I like them. Back to Bob & Sheri on "The Q"...</b>
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