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Medics Beg For Help as Iraqis Die Needlessly
Independent UK:
As many as half of the civilian deaths, calculated at 655,000 since the 2003 invasion, might have been avoided if proper medical care had been provided to the victims, they say.

[..]In the first 14 months after the 2003 invasion almost $20bn (£11bn) was spent on reconstruction by the British and American funds, including hundreds of millions on rebuilding and re-equipping the country's network of 180 hospitals and clinics.

But billions went missing because of a combination of criminal activity, corruption, and incompetence, leaving Iraqis without even the essentials for basic medical care.

[..]In March, the campaign group Medact said 18,000 physicians had left the country since 2003, an estimated 250 of those that remained had been kidnapped and, in 2005 alone, 65 killed.

Medact also said "easily treatable conditions such as diarrhoea and respiratory illness caused 70 per cent of all child deaths", and that " of the 180 health clinics the US hoped to build by the end of 2005, only four have been completed and none opened".
And here are some horrifying stats:
68 percent of Iraqis with no access to safe drinking water.

19 percent of Iraqis with sewerage access.
And yet, Dick Cheney can say with a straight face to Rush Limbaugh, "If you look at the general overall situation, they're doing remarkably well."

Read the full article here.

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