Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Music Posts

Alrighty then. Future music posts will include a lot of more rare & obscure stuff. Planned posts include:

    4AD Records
  • Dead Can Dance*
  • This Mortal Coil
  • Cocteau Twins*
  • dif juz
  • Wolfgang Press*
  • Lonely Is An Eyesore (Compilation)

  • Bauhaus*
  • Love And Rockets*
  • Tones On Tail*
  • Dali's Car*
  • Peter Murphy*
  • Daniel Ash*
  • David J*

I'm also going to post several albums of different genres that I believe EVERYONE should own, + the complete discographies of Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, The Smiths, Jeff Buckley, Bad Brains*, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Skinny Puppy, and lots more. If anyone has suggestions for music posts, feel free to comment. Also, if you see an asterisk next to any ofthe above mentioned bands, it means I need help with getting some stuff I'm either missing or was lost from my collection - so if you have any of it you can contribute, preferrably full albums, I'd appreciate you sharing - full credit in upcoming posts for your efforts, of course.


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