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Surprise? *yawn* 
20th-Oct-2006 09:14 pm
This, while not really surprising, is HUGE. The implications run everywhere.

Officials Probing Possible Theft of Voting Software in Md.
Ex-Delegate Says FBI Contacted Her About Disks She Received

The FBI is investigating the possible theft of software developed by the nation's leading maker of electronic voting equipment, said a former Maryland legislator who this week received three computer disks that apparently contain key portions of programs created by Diebold Election Systems.

Cheryl C. Kagan, a former Democratic delegate who has long questioned the security of electronic voting systems, said the disks were delivered anonymously to her office in Olney on Tuesday and that the FBI contacted her yesterday. The package contained an unsigned letter critical of Maryland State Board of Elections Administrator Linda H. Lamone that said the disks were "right from SBE" and had been "accidentally picked up."

Lamone's deputy, Ross Goldstein, said "they were not our disks," but he acknowledged that the software was used in Maryland in the 2004 elections. Diebold said in a statement last night that it had never created or received the disks.

The disks bear the logos of two testing companies that send such disks to the Maryland board after using the software to conduct tests on Diebold equipment. A Ciber Inc. spokeswoman said the disks had not come from Ciber, and Wyle Laboratories Inc. said it was not missing any disks.

Diebold spokesman Mark Radke and Goldstein said that the labels on the disks referred to versions of the software that are no longer in use in Maryland, although the Diebold statement said the version of one program apparently stored on the disks is still in use in "a limited number of jurisdictions" and is protected by encryption. The statement also said the FBI is investigating the disks' chain of custody.

21st-Oct-2006 02:00 am (UTC)
I love it! They are setting it up to put in doubt over every election in the US. I can see the law suits already for the upcoming elections.

This one is going to be a bumpy ride!
21st-Oct-2006 03:05 am (UTC)
Holy shit. October Surprise, anybody?

21st-Oct-2006 07:56 am (UTC)
Hopefully, Diebold will NEVER dig its way out from under its top dog's statement about doing anything to help the Bushites keep the Oval Office and Congress, and it'll eventually go under altogether. (Although, I still haven't quite forgiven Kerry for just letting the matter die in 2004, so quickly after the election. I can't imagine people stood in line for 13 hours in Ohio to put incumbents back INTO office - the psychology's just not right.)
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