Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

FINALLY!! Best Drawn Together clips on YouTube!!

I love Comedy Central's Drawn Together. The following is my favorite episode, divided into three parts. They are NOT work safe.

Wooldoor finally reaches puberty and can't stop masturbating once Foxxy teaches him a good technique. This leads to the "birth" of his magical Clum Babies, which have healing powers. Clara views it as an act against G-d and is on a mission to stop him - with help from the Veggie Fables. Meanwhile, Ling Ling meets a new Laytee™ and falls in love. Best oneliner: "You have been brainwashed by some religious vegetables!"

Drawn Together - Episode #204, Part I

Drawn Together - Episode #204, Part II

Drawn Together - Episode #204, Part III

This is my favorite Foxxy Clip!
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