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Rat Bastard Friday Open Thread

What exactly is a rat bastard? There are many definitions, but basically it's any motherfucker you just really hate and could do without. Whether an asshole boss, spouse, ex, coworker, any number of people you'd love to just rip a new asshole if you could get away with it - well now's your chance! Put that bitch on blast, let 'er rip and take NO prisoners. IP logging is off and anonymous commenters are welcome, I understand wanting to keep certain details private but remember - this is in the spirit of therapy and empowerment, so while I'm not necessarily saying exercise any restraint, I do suggest that you follow LiveJournal's policies on appropriate posting behavior and not posting anyone's real name or personal identity info. First names are fine, LJ user names are fine, and if you really have the balls comment while you're logged in instead of anonymously - it's the next best thing to saying it to their faces.

BE WARNED, you might find yourself in the comments. Hell, I might find MYSELF in the comments by the vicious assholes who send me hate mail, but I don't give a fuck - say what you want, give it your best shot.

So who's the bane of YOUR existence? Who is the person you most want to rip a new asshole for whatever reason? Start commenting, and have fun gettin' your hate on - and out.

Hat tips to Bob & Sheri, who originally started RBF; and to city_of_dis for always posting the Friday Confessional and the Sunday Stoning and thereby inspiring this.
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