Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

It's Coming Around!

WHOA. But W H O A.... Tucker Carlson to Evangelicals: You've All Been Duped By The Republican Elite. Wow. Should have known this was coming down the pipe for ol' Tucker, he has to go on after Scarborough Country and hasn't been wearing his usual bowtie in quite a while, so it was bound to start unravelling for him, his kinship to the GOP. I'm almost proud of him, I really am! He's still nowhere near as cute as Joe Scarborough, however.

Olbermann has more to add on this subject, dissecting Kuo's new scathing book: How long have I been saying this? Also, check out AmericaBlog - Aravosis is on FIRE today. Way too many links to repost, just go check it out.
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