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8 Years 
8th-Oct-2006 06:42 pm
8 years ago yesterday Matthew Shepard was beaten almost to the point of death and hung up on that fence in Laramie, Wyoming - bloody, broken, terrified, and alone. He clung to life for almost a week before he finally died. This is a repost of what I said on the subject in 2004:
Can't Cry Hard Enough

I was planning on writing a rather lengthy post today, but I have no energy to start one, let alone complete it. Today has hit me hard. It's been difficult trying to keep my emotions in check with everything that is going on, and on the top of it it is officially 6 years ago that Matthew Shepard died in that hospital room. The truth is he died on that fence six years and one week ago. I still cannot get my mind around these things and as a result I have frequently been in tears off and on all day.

I look at Calpernia's blog and think about our emails back and forth to one another and how far she's come in such a short time, and I'm in awe of her resilience, despite such tragedy. I emailed Gabi Clayton earlier today about her remarkable son Bill, I hope to hear from her soon.

Matthew, Barry Winchell, Brandon Teena, Gwen Araujo, Bill Clayton, Danny Overstreet, Billy Jack Gaither, JR Warren, Tyra Hunter, the list goes on and on and on.

Each one of these people is gone for senseless reasons.
Each one of these people could have been one of my friends or family members.
As far as I'm concerned, each one of them was.

  • It was Matthew's funeral that began the funeral pickets and indeed the entire God Hates Fags movement, and consequently in response The Laramie Project.

    The sum total of all of this is what drove me to write the post linked to below - if you haven't read it yet, please do so now. It's gotten several hundred comments and has been linked to countless times by people all over the world, which is all I ever hope to do with these kinds of posts - raise awareness and spark dialogue for change. When you go to work or school tomorrow, pick at least one person to discuss what happened 8 years ago. Find out what they think and tell them what you think. Get angry, mourn the loss, and if necessary think on these things if you live in the closet and consider coming out. National Coming Out Day is Wednesday, and there's never been a better time or better reasons than to make it your goal.

    Just think about it - then DO SOMETHING.

    God Hates Stupid Homophobes!
    Another rant from your neighborhood jesus_h_biscuit
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    8th-Oct-2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
    In other news, Canada's asshole neocon prime minister is trying some weasly bullshit to gut gay marriage..


    Last year, Parliament passed legislation confirming the right of same-sex couples to be married by a JP, so they enjoy the same legal rights to marry as an interracial couple.

    Stephen Harper wants to change this. He's apparently ordered legislation to be prepared that would, among other things, allow a JP to refuse to marry same-sex couples. In other words, the legislation would permit JPs to discriminate against same-sex couples in a way that they are not allowed to discriminate against interracial couples.

    It should be noted that Canadian law already protects religious groups from being compelled to marry same-sex couples. But, according to a report in The Globe and Mail last week, Harper's new law is also expected to deal with some remaining areas of uncertainty, such as "the rights of individuals to publicly criticize homosexual behaviour, to take out advertisements that quote scripture demanding that homosexuals be put to death ..."

    That homosexuals be put to death!

    (Deleted comment)
    9th-Oct-2006 12:16 am (UTC)
    Do recall, Harper has a minority government and basically can't pass anything unless most of the other parties agree to it.

    I doubt this will go through.. he's just playing to the reich wing fuckbags. It'll get defeated and he'll say "oh well, i tried" and they'll be placated for awhile.
    9th-Oct-2006 04:18 am (UTC)
    When I first came across the Queer Nation manifesto, I thought to myself "well, at least there's progress; so much of this is no longer relevant." Naive, no?
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