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Jesus H. Bloody Buggery Christ Almighty!!

This is interesting. I found this out last night before going on the bike ride. I feel I must..... share it with you.....

I read John (photol's journal entry where he stated he'd taken some people off of his friends list. On a whim, I happened to be looking at my "Friend Of" list last night, and, LO AND BEHOLD, guess who wasn't there?

D I N G D I N G D I N G D I N G D I N G D I N G!!!!!

jesus_h_biscuit, the random yahoo formerly known as a friend of photol's - that was, until he publically declared me unworthy and of no good to him. After all, what am I? It's not like I spent all kinds of time trying to help him be a better person and pick him up when he'd fallen down... It's not like I went out of my way to defend his bullshit to other people in the hopes that they would cut him some slack... It's not like I ever ::gasp:: confronted him with the truth about himself or anything nutty like that now, is it?

Tell you what, John... Believe in God long enough for your sorry ass to pray to him that you never need me for anything. Then again, that shouldn't happen as clearly you have other friends who are more than willing to put up with your sorry, lazy, self-indulgent, freeloading ass.

You've proven yourself to me finally, and nothing you could do will fix this. And with that, I'm done.
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