Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Pro-Lifers Need To Eat A Scabby Dick.

Reposted from riverheart:
First, go here.

Then, go here and read the follow-up.

Then, go here.

And last, go to PayPal, and send $14 to Biting Beaver at the address, fourteen being the number of trolls so far who have suggested she be raped, killed, kill herself, or otherwise be hurt badly. Just say NO to the trolls.
I give a shit who agrees with this or not, if you choose not to have an abortion or not to use contraception of any kind, then you ARE pro-choice. Further, if you don't have a uterus, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.
Tags: feminism, pro-choice, reproductive rights
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