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I've just finished reading Dream Brother ~ The Lives And Music Of Jeff & Tim Buckley.

I'm relatively wordless for the experience, save to say that I eel a profound sense of loss and sadness. Any and every fan of Jeff Buckley should read this book.

Conversely, I'm going to make copies of Grace and other works by him to give to Jennifer when I see her next month. I've told her about my obsession with his music, and promised her I would make her copies and write down lyrics of his songs. I think that she would relate well to his music, if not to cover herself then to enjoy on it's own. I'm making duplicates for Wes and Scott, and Brad. They are all fanatics of music and I know that their exposure to his music is limited at best - if in fact they have heard any of it at all. Scott told me several months ago that he'd heard of him, but no actually experienced the music for himself.

I feel now a bigger sense of urgency towards Jennifer recording a live album soon, I told her as much after our last dinner together before a show here at the beginning of the summer. The new CD Rewind does a great job of conveying how the older songs are now interpreted live, but there isn't the same sense of spontaneous energy with it as with live shows - which is to be expected.

I remember the first time I had heard about her writing this new love song, something she'd never attempted before. We were sitting on the deck behind the Tap, just the two of us, having a drink and playing catch-up. It was just after the split with Cory, and we had planned on this time for her to explain everything that had happened when she told him to the events that led up to it. We talked at length about all of that drama, and then I asked her about this new "love song" I'd heard rumors about. She gave me that coy smile and said "It's called 'The Story Of Your Bones'." She explained a bit of the song to me, and asked me not to look her in theface and make eye contact with her when she sang it later, as she was sure she'd break into tears and that was not conducive to singing. I agreed to stare at her feet during that song. When she started it later that evening, she motioned down front for Maggie and I to not look directly in her face and I complied. She then began singing with Scott's piano and I stood there at the foot of the stage and bawled for the duration of the song. I knew what every word meant, having the friend's privilege of knowing her life stories that inspired the lyrics. A month before the album Story Of Your Bones was released, they played it for me. Jenn hugged and kissed me and told me she wanted me to hear it. I'm still not the same as I was before that.

The first time she ever played What You Signed Up For live, it was at the Tap in Columbus. I was standing with her former manager Tom when she started talking about this new song she had written. Coach began that pounding, throbbing drum intro and she relaxed her posture and said to the audience packed into the courtyard, "Do you ever feel like like just throwing up your hands and saying 'Fuck It, I quit!'?" Astonished, as she had made no mention to me of a new song, she looked out into the crowd and saw me there with my mouth hanging wide open and smiled at me and then stuck her tongue out. I asked Tom "What's this all about?" His reply came to me as equally shocked when he answered, "I have NO idea - I've never heard this!" (Who knew then that she would later write "Shift" with him in mind). It is moments like these as a friend that I hold so dearly, and I have six years worth of them - which leaves me feeling more honored than you could know.
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