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Next Wednesday is National Coming Out Day (reposted)

For those of you who don't know already, next Wednesday is National Coming Out Day. I'm taking this opportunity to post links to previous entries that I wrote in the hope that it would inspire people who felt ostracized or otherwise cut off from the rest of us. With organizations like PFLAG and HRC urging people to be who they know they are, to live fearlessly and honestly, I think back to myself at age 15 when I chose to come out having no resources available to me whatsoever.

I'm glad things are different now and have changed so drastically in the 20 years I've lived without the fear of what people might think about me or the fear of rejection, and I'm a better man for all of the struggle it took to get me here. It is necessary to be who you know you are. I know it is difficult for many and not a choice to be made lightly, but we all have a responsibility to ourselves to BE our authentic selves. It's too goddamned hard working to maintain living a lie when you don't have to, and we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled. So for all of you in this struggle with self identity, know that I've been where you are - we all have - and I'm telling you now, no prison is as hard to survive as the one you put yourself in. Maybe you've done it so long you think it's working for you, but it isn't and you have to know that. You've already done the hardest part, and that is making yourself miserable to keep everyone else content and happy, but you deserve some of that for yourself you know. Be strong, and let me know if there's anything I can help with.

- YES - YOU - CAN -

"The person you're supposed to be is the person you know you ARE - period. You have a responsibility to that person to live through to be the "authentic self". Let's face it - if you're not telling yourself the truth, then you're lying to every person you come into association with. That's no way to live. Let them decide themselves how they feel about you, and that at the end of the day the people who don't accept you as you aren't rejecting you - they were never worthy of you to begin with."

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Read these posts at your leisure, link to them, point them out for others to read - knock yourself out, speak your own truth.
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